ODF Plugfest: Orvieto 2009 / Report_Example

Report Example

This scenario is meant to test interoperability for many of the features that would be present in a standard business report. This is not meant to test any specific feature, rather to test the result when a reasonable amount of features are combined and a reasonable amount of text is included.

Disclaimer: You are free to reuse it “as-is”, on your own responsibility and without any guarantee whatsoever. No rights can be derived from, successfully or unsuccessfully, completing the steps outlined below.

====== Steps ======

  • Download the text file attached to this page. (lorem.txt)
  • Open the text file up in a text editor and copy the text into the copy buffer.
  • Open up your word processing application and start a new document.
  • Paste the text into your document.
  • Search for the string '[TODO', and execute the step as described in the TODO text. After completing the task, remove the [TODO] tag all the way to the final ']' //Skip any steps which use features that are not available in your application.//
  • repeat the previous step until all TODO steps have been completed.
  • recalculate Table of Contents if necessary.
  • Save as [ReportApplicationName_version.odt]